Contracting in Europe Post Brexit

In the UK there are currently 2 million freelancers who make a valuable contribution of almost £300 billion a year to our economy. As the the criteria for leaving the EU becomes clearer the cloud of uncertainty is beginning to lift, contractors and freelancers will no longer be left scratching their heads over what life outside of Europe will mean for them.


The reverse charge mechanism will remain until the 31/12/2020, after which the UK businesses providing these services the VAT will be out of Scope, Zero rated.

Freedom of movement

Working: This is not yet clear as there is uncertainty if UK nationals will be able to work in the EU zone for long periods without restrictions

At Skillbase Group, we provide Telecoms and IT contract recruitment services and contractor management solutions to corporations across Europe and Globally. Because of our substantial global reach, we are looking to maintain our presence in the European zone with our office in Galway, Republic of Ireland to ensure stability and maintain our client’s growth.