Why recruitment and selection is important to an organisation

Recruitment and the way we recruit now compared to a few years ago has changed. It isn’t easy. Recruitment is all about putting the right talent, in the right job, and at the right time. Recruiting new employees is a costly process and if not done properly, this could prevent the business from growing, affect your reputation, negatively impact your profits and more. So why is recruitment and selection so important to an organisation?

Well, recruitment is vital for success. Good people confer a performance advantage and there is really nothing that will make more of an impact than hiring the very best talent you can find and afford. A study by The Boston Consulting Group found that not only do companies that are committed to investing in their people perform better economically, but that recruiting is probably the most important human resources function when it comes to enjoying better economic performance so it’s safe to say that recruitment is definitely an asset that is worthy of continual investment.

When you are running a business, your success largely depends on having a team of employees who know how to get the job done. Finding the right talent that is not only good at their job but will also stick around is crucial, and makes your organisations’ recruitment and selection processes all the more important. Recruitment can be a hectic process for any business, but an effective recruitment process and a strong selection policy is crucial for significantly reducing your employee turnover and ensuring that you hire the very best candidates for the job.

Companies that are good at hiring talent experience two times better profit margins than those who are not as capable of hiring the best people. The lead driving factor behind a companies success is the people and access to the best people can only be achieved through successful recruitment. When recruiting, it is important that you list all of the skills required of the job to help ensure that you fill the position with the right candidate. Employee referral programmes can also be a highly effective and important part of successful recruitment when it comes to hiring the best talent you can find.

While recruitment attracts applicants, selection reduces the number of applicants to a number that is more manageable and involves screening out those that are unsuitable for the job. Like with recruitment, this is vital in reducing the costs and poor performance resulting from bad hires, and ensuring that only the most suitable and qualified candidates are chosen to fill the empty post. It is also vital for assessing the behaviour of potential employees and gives the hiring team the opportunity to assess candidates to ensure that they find the individual who will adapt best to the demands of the job.

In summary, recruitment is a vital and important process when it comes to not only finding quality candidates but also taking the steps required to save the time, resources and money that result from bad hires. Taking the time to really focus on your recruitment and selection process will help avoid the issues that can arise.

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